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Name:Elle Bishop
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All About Elle

This community is for all the Elle Bishop fans around the world to share fanfic, graphic, discussions, icons, and mainly anything and everything about Elle Bishop.


1. We encourage any type of participation! Don’t feel shy about posting anything here, this group is made for you!

2. When posing all icons, graphics, and fics please post them under a cut and tag!

3. Please use a header for all fics and also if a images is not work friendly, please state it! We love nudity, but my boss, not so much.

Example header for fics:

*Just a description of what the reader might read, that might be a little disturbing.*

4. Comments = Love, just don’t be a jerk about it.

5. Incase you are looking to be a beta (which we are in need of) or for beta, we have a special section HERE to make things easier.

6. Feel free to make any promotions or announcements for other communities or challenges as long as its related to " HEROES " , If not , just contact any of the Mods and ask for a permission .

Any Questions ?! Ask HERE or contact any of the Mods.



If you want to affiliate with us , comment HERE or contact any of the Mods.
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Pimping Banners

- Pimping would be Really Really appreciated <33

- These are the banners we have now but more will be made soon ;)

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